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Tuesday, 5 January 2021

News from NMAMIT | Automated shoe rack system

ARFID based automated shoe rack system is designed and developed by a team of staff and students of the Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, NMAMIT, Nitte. An automated and secure shoe placing system with face recognition technology for systematic racking is the published patent idea of Principal Dr. Niranjan Chiplunkar. As a part of prototyping, the present system has been developed. 

The system is capable of housing 12 pairs of footwear. Smart algorithms are developed to place the footwear in the empty rack bin by flashing the RFID tag to the reader. Based on the RFID tag, the shoe rack database will be updated with the bin position and the person identification key. The subsequent flash of already processed RFID tag will retrieve the footwear from the rack, based on the person identification key. The system consists of two linear mechanisms for vertical and horizontal movement and one rotational mechanism to access the designated bin from the rack. Position accuracy and calibration is achieved with the help of metal proximity sensors, limit switches and magnets. 

The Principal, Dr. Chiplunkar, launched this racking system on 1st January 2021 in the Research & Innovation Center of the college and appreciated the efforts of the team. Project Mentor, Dr. Suryanarayana K, Professor, Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engineering narrated the project journey. Both the Principal and the Project Mentor expressed indebtedness to the Management for encouraging research culture in the institute.

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