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Wednesday, 26 May 2021

News from NIPT | Webinar on Childbirth Education

Nitte Institute of Physiotherapy organizes a Webinar on Childbirth Education

A webinar on 'Physiotherapists & Childbirth Education: Our Role & Contribution' was conducted by Nitte Institute of Physiotherapy (NIPT) on 20th May 2021. A total of 100 delegates from across the country participated in the Webinar. The event began with a preamble regarding the role of physiotherapists in pregnancy and childbirth education by the webinar coordinator, Dr Saumya Srivastava, Assistant Professor, NIPT.

The welcome address was delivered by Prof (Dr) Dhanesh Kumar K U, Principal, NIPT who was also the Convener of the Webinar. The keynote address was delivered by Dr Seema Pavaman S, HoD, Pediatrics, KSHEMA who discussed the importance of breastfeeding and childbirth education in reducing women’s anxiety and its positive role in maternal and neonatal outcomes.

The Resource Person for the webinar was Dr Priyanka Gulati, Women’s Health and Pediatric Physiotherapist and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator from Canada. A spirited session about the Doula’s role in childbirth and the importance of educating new parents was discussed. She also highlighted the concern behind the low breastfeeding rate in India and spoke about the alarming rise in caesarian surgeries in the country. She concluded by informing delegates about the procedure behind obtaining Certification in Lamaze.

The webinar ended with a vibrant Question & Answer session and a vote of thanks by Dr Saumya Srivastava.

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