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Tuesday 21 June 2022

News from NIPT | World Environment Day

On the account of World Environment Day on June 5th 2022, Swachh Sena of Nitte Institute of Physiotherapy participated in the ‘Nethravathi River and Environmental Protection Program, The Eighth Stage River Environmental Cleanup Movement and Wildlife Festival’ to signify the theme ‘Only One Earth’. The drive was carried out in collaboration with the River Environmental Protection Committee, local community organisations, Lions Club Permannuru, Ullal Solidarity forum, and the citizens of Uliya village Ullal. The cleaning drive commenced at 7.30 a.m. in the Sri Bala Maruthi Gymnasium near the Nethravathi River backwaters. A total of 40 1st year BPT students participated in the event, along with NIPT Principal Dr. Dhanesh Kumar KU, faculty members Dr. Purushotham Chippala, Ms. Yogita Hatmode (Swachh Sena Coordinator, NIPT), and Swachh Sena NIPT Student Coordinator Ms Hass Isabella. Mr. Riyaz, a fellow Uliya resident who is a member of the Environmental Protection Program and a key participant in the development of the Uliya Neighbourhood Youth Parliament, presented the welcoming address and briefed the volunteers on the cleaning drvie. The programme began with the planting of trees in public places as part of the forest festival, and then volunteers were involved in cleaning the Nethravathi river backwater by removing thermocol, glass bottles, and plastic waste from the riverbeds, collecting them in the trash bags, and placing plastic and other deadly waste into garbage bags. The event was successfully concluded with the presence and speech given by the dignitaries: Shri Rajesh Antara Gurukar (Shree constituency) , Janab Usmansakhafi (Khatibar Margate Zuma Mosque), Shri Naveen Felix D'Souza (President Catholics Permanenture), Mrs Veena Shanti D'Souza (Local Councilors, City Council), Prof. Dr. Dhanesh Kumar K.U. (Principal, Nitte Institute of Physiotherapy), Shri Omar Kunheeni Alekala (Leaders River Environment Committee), Shri Lloyd Royal D'Souza (Leading River Environment Committee), Shri Kishore Attawar (Director Schoolof Social Work (MSW) Roshani Nilayam)., Shree Vasudeva Rao (Retired Teachers), Shree Nagaraj Bajal (Composer Green Tree Mangalore), Shri Sundarawa (Prominent River Environmental Protection Committee), Shree Muhammed Farvez (District President, Solidarity Youth Movement) , Mrs. Razia Ibrahim (Former Vice President, City Council), Shree Mehboob Surathkal (Ramakrishtha Math, Cleaning Section), Clean Military, Knitte Institute), Mrs. Ashalatha Suvarna (President, Educational Resource Center – Mangalore), Shri Sundarawa (Prominent River Environmental Protection Committee), Janab Aliyabba (President, Margate Zuma Mosque), Mr. Prashant D'Souza, Lions Club Permanenture Focus., Sri Praveen Monteiro (Conveners Saint Sebastian Church Permanente) , Shri Arun Monteiro Ranipura (President, Lions Club Permanent Focus), Mrs Mariamma Haneef (Wellaya Welfare Association). The program was coordinated by Ms. Yogita Hathmode (Swacch Sena Faculty Coordinator) and Mr. Tanuj Shetty and Ms. Haas Isabella (Swacch Sena Student Coordinators).

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