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Sunday, 6 June 2021

Press release | World environment day

Nitte university green initiative project (NUGIP) and NSS unit of Nitte DU members organized a tree planting event on the World Environment Day June, 5th, 2021. On this occasion, the chief guest Mr. Shridhar P, the Range Officer, Mangalore Division expressed the urgent need for awareness amongst people, that the oxygen in cylinders is condensed from the atmospheric oxygen supplied by the trees, forests and green cover of earth. Thus we need to conserve and protect the source and its sustained production for future generations. Dr. Prof. Satheesh Kumar Bhandary, the Vice Chancellor of Nitte DU, in his presidential remarks emphasized on the sustainable goals of University towards ensuring 24% green cover on campus. He expressed concern on the increased volume of medical waste generated globally during this epidemic. Clean air, ecological balance are vital in restoring good health on the planet. The occasion was special as the invited guests who planted the saplings were staff and students of Nitte DU who were COVID-19 survivors. They participated with great enthusiasm, celebrating their recovery with planting of trees. Mr. Mahabala, Deputy Range Office, graced the occasion. Dr. Sumalatha Shetty and Dr. Smitha Hegde organized the informal event on the grounds of KSHEMA campus.


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