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Tuesday 21 November 2023

News from JKSHIM | Converge Association Event

The Converge Association conducted an engaging inter-class competition on 7th November 2023 at the college auditorium. The event, themed Designing diversity in minds and Unity in the hearts of organization, aimed to foster a comprehensive understanding of the significance of diversity and unity within organizational frameworks.

Organized by Ms. Jayalaxmi Shetty, Student Coordinator under the guidance of faculty coordinator Dr. Sudhir Raj K, the event was judged by Dr. Sandhya Rao and Prof. Rakesh Shetty. Mahima Hebbar of I MBA was the MC.

The evaluation criteria encompassed various aspects such as Content (40%) - Clarity, depth, evidence of research and practicality of proposed ideas | Creativity (20%) - Innovative approaches and originality in addressing the theme | Delivery (20%) - Communication skills, Time management |Teamwork (10%) - Collaboration, cohesion, inclusivity and representation of diverse perspectives |Relevance to Theme (10%) - Alignment with the given theme.

Each team of 12-15 members from different classes, focused on diverse backgrounds and skills. They had a 15-minute time limit to present their ideas, using creative formats like skits or videos. They had to explain why and how diverse thinking and unity in values matter in organizations. The event successfully showcased the creative and collaborative efforts of participating teams in exploring the theme. The First place was bagged by I MBA (Section C) and Runner-up by I MBA (Section B). Best MC was bagged by Rachana of I MBA (Section B).

The vote of thanks was rendered by Melita, II MBA.

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