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Wednesday 3 April 2024

News from NUINS | “Awareness Programme on Cervical Cancer”

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecological Nursing in coordination with the Alumni Association, NUINS organized an outreach Program on the topic “Awareness Programme on Cervical Cancer” at Anganwadi, Amblamogaru on 27th March 2024.

Mrs. Sunitha, President, Durgavahini Mahila Mandal welcomed the gathering. This was followed by the education & awareness session on cervical cancer by Prof. Philomena Fernandes, Head, OBG Department, NUINS. The program aimed to empower women with knowledge about cervical cancer, its causes, symptoms and the importance of regular screenings and treatment.

Prof. Fernandes discussed the basic anatomy of the reproductive system, the definition and the early symptoms of cervical cancer, how it can be identified and the various treatment modalities. The audience responded well during the interactive session and clarified their doubts.

A pre-test was conducted before the session. The mean score of the pre-test was 7. On completion of the session, a post-test was given. The mean score of the post-test was 9.2. A total of 26 women benefited from this program. The event created an invaluable platform for educating women about the importance of cervical cancer prevention and early detection. A total of 4 faculty and 26 women participated in the program.

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