Tuesday, 5 September 2017

TEDx Nitte University

NITTE University hosted the world famous TEDx talk at K.S. Hegde Medical Academy Auditorium on 27 August, 2017. The event saw eight astounding and thought provoking talks and four spell bounding performances. At the outset the speakers and audience were welcomed by Dr. Satheesh Kumar Bhandary, dean K.S. Hegde Medical Academy along with Dr. Rajesh Ballal and Dr. Siddharth Shetty staff incharges of TEDxNitteUniversity.

The event began with a dance performance titled the 'THE LION GODESS' by Ms. Nehha Bhatnagar, she enthralled the audience with her graceful steps and symbolically invoked the blessing of the Almighty. The performance was followed by a talk byMr. Deep Bajaj's founder of Pee Buddy, India's first disposable female urination device. The talk was titled 'WHY CAN'T SHE STAND AND PEE?'; he spoke on challenges faced by an entrepreneur and women's hygiene products.

Dr. Vishal Ravi an IAS officer gave a powerful issue talk on good governance titled, 'I AM FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND I AM HERE TO HELP YOU'. He captivated the crowd with his charisma and humor.

Ms. Shruti Chaturvedi founder of Chaaipani an online media platform where inspiring stories are shared spoke on the importance of spreading positive news and the talk was titled ' BREWING STORIES WITH A HOT CUP OF TEA'.

Ms. Archana Suresh spoke about her philanthropic organisation 'BRING A SMILE FOUNDATION' based in Hyderabad and the talk was titled 'MAKE PEOPLE SMILE AGAIN'.She inspired the crowd with her work and encouraged the audience to make a change in the society through small simple deeds.

Indias youngest art impresario and founder of Sarvam foundation Ms. Nehha Bhatnagar's talk was titled 'WHO'S THAT GIRL AND WOW! THAT'S HER WORLD'. She spoke on upliftment of women in the society and its importance in the development of a nation.

Dr. Arvind Bhateja, a neurosurgeon from Bangalore, spoke on his twin passion of medicine and cycling, titled 'PEDAL FOR A PURPOSE'. He gave an insight on how to combine passion with profession and using it to help the needy and the underprivileged.

Mr. Pawan Kumar, leading director in Kannada film industry, gave his talk titled, ' MOVIE FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE'. He spoke on picking the right audience for the right movie and the importance of making socially relevant movies which people can relate to.

Mr. Vishal Batra, twin brother of Captain Vikram Batra, 'The Sher shah' of the Kargil war, gave his talk titled 'MY BROTHER, MY PRIDE' and spoke on the attributes of a good leader.

The event also saw amazing sand animation art by world renowned artist, Nitish Bharti, and mind blowing mentalism performance by Mr. Kannan where the audience were enthralled to heights of excitement.

TOTO club a 5 member band lead by Tojan Toby entertained the crowd with their wonderful performance.

During the networking session, the speakers and attendees had their lunch together, and interacted actively with each other, discussing and sharing powerful ideas that can bring a change in the society.

The event was anchored by Dr Junaid Anwar. At the end of the event Mr Ajish Sam George the organizer of TEDxNitteUniversity thanked NITTE and KSHEMA management for all the support lended and also extended thanks to the volunteers of the event. The audience were fascinated by installations setup by NITTE architectural college portraying the rich heritage of Mangalore.

After the event, Saplings were distributed to symbolise sowing seeds of ideas in the community. The event saw a huge turn out and was well received by all.

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