Monday, 23 September 2019

Workshop on “Experiments in CVS Pharmacology” - NGSMIPS

A one-day workshop on  “Cardiovascular Pharmacology” was organised by the Department of Pharmacology, NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences on 13th September, 2019. Dr. C S Shastry, Principal welcomed the resource persons Mr. JKL Prasad, BDM-North and East India and Mr. Sumant Bhat, Technical Manager, A.D Instruments, Bangalore.

Introducing the resource persons, Dr. C S Shastry advised the young gathering to engage in research that is useful to society. He enlightened the participants on automation in cardiovascular pharmacology and stressed upon the non-invasive techniques for recording blood pressure and ECG. In this context he also mentioned some of the technological innovations useful for conducting research on animals with advanced instruments.

Dr. Sumanth Bhat presented the technical overview on the high performance power lab data acquisition and a live demonstration of recording blood pressure, ECG and other important parameters using the experimental animal rat. Mr. JKL Prasad co-ordinated the demonstration and explained the instrumentation to the audience.

The participants actively involved themselves in the Q&A session to gather more information about the automated tool for recording BP, ECG and pulse.

Dr. Prasanna Shama Khandige, HoD, Pharmacology conducted the proceedings and Dr. Vijay Kumar proposed the vote of thanks.

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