Friday, 10 July 2020

News from NMAM Institute of Technology | Learning Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering at NMAM Institute of Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most influential technology in recent times that has influenced all walks of life. It is going to be the future technology, where it is expected, “machines to interact with humans”. Decision making is a major support from AI and humans have been aiming to build machines, which can replace humans in many of the crucial activities of human life. Engineers are playing a major role in the growth and development in the field of AI. Engineers in the domain of computer science, information science, electronics, electrical engineering have been contributing to this domain. In today’s world of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary applications, AI have gone beyond all the boundaries and have become ‘domain independent’. AICTE, the technical education regulator understanding its importance in producing engineers with these skill sets have promoted AI in various platforms and also permitted starting of degree programs on AI and Machine learning. The current technical manpower with requisite skills sets in AI are not sufficient to cater to the current and future demand for engineers in this domain. Accordingly, other domains of engineering are doing their best to train the students of their domain with necessary skill sets to take up jobs in AI domain.

The Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte is not far behind in their efforts. With the full support of the management and the able leadership provided by the current Principal and Head of the Department, lots of initiatives have been taken to provide the necessary skill sets to students to take up job positions in AI. It has started with offering of several elective courses to the students of final year including “Introduction to Machine Learning” and “Introduction to Cognitive Computing”. Efforts are being made to offer more electives like “Artificial Intelligence”, “Machine learning using Python”, “Big data”, “Data analytics” etc. as elective courses for students of the coming batches. Programming languages like MATLAB and Python are being taught to students through add on courses and training programs either through in-house or engaging external resources. Artificial Intelligence is being integrated through experiments and projects conducted through several Centers of Excellence in the department, where students can become part of some real time projects either with research orientation or industry orientation. From the coming academic year, interested and highly motivated students can work on several AI related projects offered from Centre for Micro Machining, Centre for Tool Design, Centre for Advanced Machining Research and Centre for Condition Monitoring in domains like wire EDM, piezoactuators, vibration assisted micromachining, automation of sorting of parts, Bearing condition monitoring, engine condition monitoring etc. Students can take up projects either on their personal interest, or as part of internship, miniprojects or major projects. Necessary technical inputs and guidance will be provided by a group of expert faculty through a coordinator. This will provide the students necessary skill sets required for AI and help them to compete with other students and improve their job prospects in this domain. The department wants to enter into MoU with leading organizations providing training, projects and skill sets in AI in the future. Interested students are requested to contact the Department Head.

For admission details contact:
The Deputy Director (Administration)
Medical Sciences Complex, Deralakatte, Mangaluru - 575018, Karnataka, India
Ph: 0824 2204310 | 2204342 | 2204304 | 94808 12310 | 94808 12312
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