Sunday, 13 August 2017

World Biofuel Day Celebrated at Nitte Campus - NMAMIT

World Biofuel Day was celebrated by Department of Biotechnology Engineering in association with Udupi District Bioenergy Research, Information & Demonstration Centre (BRIDC), and National Service Scheme (NSS) in NMAMIT, Nitte campus. The chief guests Mr. S. N. Sondur, Principal Scientist, KSCST, IISc Bengaluru and Mr. G N Dayanand, Manager (Operations) KSBDB Bengaluru inaugurated the event by planting the saplings of Biofuel plant (Amura, Simarouba, Hippe and Honne). Principal of NMAMIT Nitte Dr. Niranjan N. Chiplunakr, Vice Principal Dr. Shrinivasa Rao, Registrar Sri Yogesh Hegde, Dean (R&D) Dr. Sudesh Bekal, Professor Dr. Udayakumar Reddy, Professor B Ramakrishna, NSS unit Chairman Dr. Janardhana Nayak also planted different varieties of biofuel saplings. The faculty and students of Biotechnology Engineering headed by Dr. C. Vaman Rao and BRIDC Coordinator Dr.Ujwal P. planted about 270 biofuel samplings. World biofuel day is celebrated in the memory of the first usage of biofuel (peanut oil) in diesel engine by Dr. Rudolf Diesel on 10th of August 1893. The seeds obtained from these plants are useful in producing non-edible oil which can be converted to Biodiesel. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine by mixing with petroleum diesel. The usage of biodiesel will reduce environmental pollution and also minimizes problems associated with non-renewable sources of energy. The Department of Biotechnology at NMAMIT houses Biofuel Production Centre and is actively involved in Biofuel research.

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